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School Facilities

Facility Managers in Education today face an enormous task of managing a wide range of responsibilities all while balancing environment, security and budget restraints. These are a few areas where Pyle Solutions can help!

1. Custodial

Floor Maintenance: VCT, Carpet & Gym floors

Restroom Sanitation

Complete Dispensing Systems for proportion control


Environmentally Responsible products which are Designed for the Environment. 

Complete Odor Control Systems 

Bio-Hazard Response Kits

Personal Protection: We offer a complete line of exam grade gloves in nitrile, latex and vinyl, 18 different skus, competitively priced and delivered in 1 to 2 days. 

2. Maintenance

Drain Treatment; inside and outside drains

Grease Traps

Wastewater Treatment

Sewage Pumping Stations

HVAC duct maintenance 

Coil Cleaners; a variety of formulations for inside or outside applications

3. Grounds Care


Turf and Soil programs 

 Ice and Snow

4. Transportation

Vehicle wash systems including detail and surface protectants

Penetrants and Lubricants 

Vomit Control and Body Fluid Kits

Vandalism Removal

5. Food Service

Clean, Safe Floors

Hood System Maintenance

Systems and Products to quickly clean; Ovens, Ranges, Grills, Fryers, Walk-in Coolers and other equipment

USDA listed products