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Detention Centers

Control, Control, Control

These have to be the 3 most critical components in developing a system of any kind for the Detention industry. This has to include: Sanitation, Maintenance and Laundry.  

How do we obtain optimum results in these areas while insuring a safe controlled environment at the lowest possible cost ? How do we achieve high standards in Sanitation, Maintenance and Laundry while at the same time have the control we must have to ensure security and safety without breaking the budget? 

Let’s start by asking the right questions. Do any of these issues relate to your facility? 

  1. Product’s don’t work, the facility is not as clean as it should be. 
  2. Product usage is not controlled, there is to much waste
  3. Showers are not getting clean, soap scum and mineral deposits are a problem
  4. We have an older facility, rust or mold and mildew are an issue
  5. We have no storage, a system must be very compact
  6. Concerned about the safety of what we’re using.
  7. Odor issues 
  8. Concern about pathogens
  9. Drain issues, either from stoppages, odors or drain flies
  10. Laundry is dingy or smells bad
  11. Linens are wearing out prematurely
  12. Laundry chemicals are being abused
  13. Every shift does it’s own thing, there is no uniformity. 
  14. Not sure if we are OSHA compliant
  15. We need to quickly and inexpensively sanitize large areas

If any of these issues relate to you and your facility, let’s start the conversation. 

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